"Through the Word of God, faith, praise and worship are we able to access the fullness of the favor of God through Righteousness, Holiness, and Godliness"

Apostle Dr. R. J. Hamlet, Sr.

Welcome To Solid Rock's Perfected Praise Church

     Our prayers for you is that the eternal God of all increase and enlarge your connection through His Word, Prayer, Praise, and Worship and show you His favor. May He give you the words to positively influence your surroundings and empower others through the inspiration and motivation by your testimony of the victory in Christ Jesus. Moreover, Solid Rock’s Perfected Praise Church prays that your family and home are a reflection of the greatness and wholeness found in God through mirroring the joy and peace of God through your interactions. 

     Blessings be upon your life, your family, your favor, and your destiny to become excellent in God. May you possess the promised of God and bequeath them to your children and your children’s children. We speak strength and life into your marriage, your ministries, and your future. Because of the power of intercession, continue to pray for us that we stand as a beacon of light, hope, and strength to those that seek to know God. We shall pray for you, support you, and love you by the Spirit of God!

Our Mission

     Solid Rock's Perfected Praise T.H.C.A.F. is the place where live are transformed in an ever-transforming world. We are a Christ-centered, apostolic, and multicultural church where every person can expect to be delivered, developed, and deployed for kingdom-building through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We see you through the eyes of Jesus Christ.  We have defined the perfected mission of the church through preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unbeliever, encouraging the believer, compelling the lost, and empowering humanity to live strong, progressive, healthy spiritual and natural lives.  

   Through the mandate of the apostolic faith, Solid Rock's Perfected Praise personifies biblical knowledge, spiritual stability, and the manifestation of the power of prayer, praise and perseverance. Our prayer for you is that the God of all grace blesses you above measure and His spirit enlightens you through the Word. May you be empower to effectively translate to others the hope of glory that He has given you  through obtaining victory in life and over obstacles.

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